Angelina and Nylon

Sometimes you need some sparkle for your project!  We carry angelina in many colors for blending on drum carders, blending boards and hand cards.  A little goes a long way - all our packages are half ounce for $3.25.  
Nylon is often added to fiber being spun for sock yarn as it adds strength, elasticity and durability, especially to finer, softer fibers that might not stand up to heavy wear otherwise.  Nylon also takes acid dyes VERY well and is useful for sopping up dye that just doesn't want to exhaust.  Nylon adds a little glimmer to fiber but isn't nearly as sparkly as angelina.  We offer nylon in a few different size packages to suit your needs.

Angelina Colors.....

Apple Red angelina
Apple Red - Bright red with red flashes

Apricot angelina

Apricot - more of a rich rusty orange

Golden Orange angelina
Golden Orange - A much brighter orange with flashes of yellow/gold

Raspberry angelina
Raspberry - Nearly fluorescent pink with lavender flashes.

Rose Copper angelina

Rose Copper
 - Coppery pink with same color flashes

Sahara angelina
Sahara - Medium coppery gold with lighter flashes.

Fine Gold angelina
Fine Gold - a lighter shade of gold and a finer denier - very soft

Shimmer Sand angelina
Shimmer Sand - A pale beige/gold 

Lemon Sparkle angelina
Lemon Sparkle - Very bright yellow with lighter yellow flashes

Limetreuse - A very greenish gold with flashes of yellow

Moss Green - beautiful dark green with lighter green flashes

Brilliant Ocean Spray angelina
Brilliant Ocean Spray - a lovely aqua/teal with same color flashes

Opal/Cobalt angelina

Opal/Cobalt - Medium lavender-blue with pink and green flashes

Butterfly Blue
Butterfly Blue - Nice dark blue with blue and green flashes

Stratosphere angelina

 - Gorgeous royal blue with same color flashes

Blue Gunmetal angelina
Blue Gunmetal - a darker grayish blue with same color flashes

Wisteria angelina
Wisteria - a deep solid blue with same color flashes 

Light Purple angelina
Light Purple - a very intense purple actually, with same color flashes

Vineyard Violet
Vineyard Violet - a pretty blue/purple with flashes of orange/copper

Forest Blaze angelina

Forest Blaze - light brown with copper and green flashes

Black with Forest Blaze angelina
Black with Forest Blaze - a darker version of Forest Blaze but with the same copper and green flash

Aurora Crystallina angelina
 Aurora Crystallina - Fine white fiber with flashes of green, pink and yellow

Fine Black angelina
Fine Black - Jet black, fine and soft with same color flashes


White undyed nylon

White, undyed nylon.  Use it white or dye it!

Nylon - 2 oz. - $7.00

Nylon - 4 oz. - $13.00

Nylon - 8 oz. - $20.00