The Quad Kate ©

If you're looking for a solid and attractive lazy kate to hold your bobbins while plying this one may be just what you need.  

The Quad Kate

Our unique Quad Kate is a portable yet solid kate capable of holding up to 4 full bobbins (up to 7 inches long and 4 inches in diameter) for plying your handspun yarns. In addition to a useful 45 degree angle which helps keep yarn under a bit of tension, our exclusive features include:
  • removable solid brass rods which won't rust or corrode and large, smooth eyes to corral your singles and prevent tangling.
Quad Kate Front View
  •   nylon inserts to hold the rods - holes in wood alone will deform and enlarge over time. Also, the inserts stand up above the wood a tiny bit preventing       bobbins from wearing or staining the wood.
Quad Kate Side View
  • cubby for rod storage featuring a snap catch to keep the sliding lid securely closed. Important when travelling!
Quad Kate Cubby Open
Quad Kate Latch
  • four non-skid feet for added stability. Won't mar your furniture AND will keep your kate safe from tabletop spills, damp pavement or other untidy surfaces.
Quad Kate Feet
  • solid hard woods impart weight to keep your kate from tipping even when holding very full bobbins.
Quad Kate With Bobbins
  • weight - 4.25 lbs, height to top of guide eyes -5 inches (not including rods), depth from front to back - 7.5 inches, length side to side - 10 inches.
Quad Kate Front No Rods
  • We can make custom kates to fit larger bobbins!
Here is a well built lazy kate that's also pleasing to the eye and hand. Whether at home or while travelling this no-fuss kate will serve your plying needs without complaint or hassle.

Quad Kate in maple wood - $90.00

Quad Kate in cherry wood - $99.00


Note: Shipment outside the US will likely cost more than the fee this website will automatically charge. Please  contact us prior to purchase for exact cost.