Sheepskin Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions for Sheepskins

(as per the tanner's recommendations)

1. Rinse with cold water to wet the sheepskin.

2. Wash with liquid Ivory soap in warm water on GENTLE cycle for only 3 minutes. Longer washing time felts the wool.

3. Rinse in warm water TWICE with no agitation. Allow to go through the spin cycles.

4. Allow to air dry. Sheepskins should be blocked (pulled on) while drying to keep their shape and softness. Use a hairbrush to fluff the wool after drying if needed, or BRIEFLY tumble in NO HEAT dryer to fluff the wool.

NOTE* While Nistock Farms has had good results with this method, we do not guarantee your results. Use caution laundering sheepskins. Dry cleaning is always a viable option.